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shurjoRajjo Trends

One of the most original and innovative Bangla Pop I have heard. Keep it up.

Very Attracting Design!

awesome. No comment just salute.

yes ai ta amar dorkar

Size: 11" by 15" pencil: HB, 2B, 4B, 8B

ফরিদ বাঙালির হূদয় ভরা চিঠি এই বইয়ে ২৪ টি প্রেমের চিঠি আছে

Nice work but could you please let everyone know essential info like the dimension, media (is this a pencil/charcoal sketch?), year of execution, etc? Thanks.


Looks great! Is this your own design?

Ami aita dwonlode korbo kivaba kono link to passi na pls aktu janaban...