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Name : Man vs Lice
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Published Date : 7 Jul 2013
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Description : MAN vs LICE
* Supported in Both Small and Large Resolution.
* Device Requirement
  + Android 2.2 or later
  + Processor armv7 or later

This funny fighting game visualizes a funny battle between a lover boy and ugly lice. A combination of action and adventure and fun.

Little Harry is worried about his love for her girlfriend. She has many funny lice in her hair. They grew in number and sometimes jump on her face. This makes her angry and decreases her love.
She has been given a task to Harry to remove all the lice coming on her face. If he fails, she will break up with him as she likes a real man with fitness for fighting. It's obviously a difficult task for a boy. But Harry has to save his love. He has to prove that he is a man of action. So, he comes to you as you are his friend and you can help him to prove him as a strong man.

Help him with your all efforts and weapons and let him show some action. Fight against lice. Swipe a louse downward to make it fall on the board, then tap it to kill. There are weapons to help you. Upgrade them with your coins and make them perform better.
1. Super Comb - Removes louse from hair. Upgrading will make it larger.
2. Shock Center - Places two Electric Bars in sides of face. Lice touching it will fall on the board. Upgrading will help it to stay alive longer.
3. Lice Magnet - This funny weapon eats all the lice. Upgrade it to keep it for a long time.
4. Bribe Giver - Bribes the king of lice, so that they don't come for a certain time.
5. Love Guru - Increases live and help to play longer.

So, why wait? Come and Fight for Love.
Come and challenge the lice and help your friends love.

Similar to Ant Smasher, Tap Tap Ants, Plant vs Zomies, Fruit Ninja, Fruit Slice.

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1 comment(s) posted.

Meets bug when about button is touched, when adding name after score the writing box gets overlapped. Please fix it.

Posted by Anik Khan on Saturday, 07.20.13 @ 13:13pm

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