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Name : Youtube > Mp3
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Published Date : 19 May 2015
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Description :
Youtube > Mp3

This is a google chrome browser extension, it will help you to download your favorite song in mp3 format. As this is not from chrome webstore you have to do some additional task to install this software. Installation instruction's screenshot are attached at the product preview.

Installation process
1. goto "chrome menu" > "more tools" > "extensions" (preview image 1)
2. click on the top "Developer mode" checkbox (preview image 2)
3. drag & drop the "youtube-mp3 converter.crx" file on this page
4. install it as chrome guide you through next > next > next ...
5. Dont click "Allow in incognito", it will disable this extension because this extension is not from chrome app store (preview image 3)

Installation is complete, goto any of your favorite song on youtube, an icon will appear to help you download the song as mp3. (preview image 4)

1. Check the product preview image for installation help.
2. Sometimes server may be busy, it will prompt you "Try here"(other server)

Enjoy :)


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