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Name : Dipanjal Maitra - Brain Storm
Price : Tk. 10
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Published Date : 24 Nov 2014
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Description : You know it'sa Brain Storm when sound clouds start swirling around your head. Ok, that's a terrible pun and one that we won't soon be forgiven for. But that'snot the point. The point is that gorgeous,spacious,and scenic atmospheres can quickly give way to thunderstorms of unimaginable destruction. This piece begins as the eye of the storm -- everything seems calm and fine,until suddenly,out of nowhere,an explosion of hail and hurricane-force winds hits,destroying everything in its path. The storm seems to let up for a brief moment before continuing on its path of destruction. There's beauty in the awe-inspiring power. This track hit hottest track back in 2013 on House.Net - EDM.Com 
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