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Name : USB 007
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Published Date : 7 Dec 2013
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Description :
A computer spy for USB drives.

The application refers to track what happen with your computer USB ports by which USB drive and when. USB 007 can track it in your presence or absence.

After inserting a removable disk such as Pen drive, Memory card, External hard disk etc. USB 007 will track the drive name, drive insertion date-time, drive space info and the file-folders (include hidden) that the drive contains. You will also get the updated info before the drive removed.

The 4 more important features are that
♦ Enabling & Disabling options of USB ports.
♦ Track which files-folders are sent from/given to your computer.
♦ Track how much time the drive was connected to your computer.
♦ Observe (by reading only) if there is any virus in the drive, without open it.

It's a security and utility software for all 32 bit and 64 bit editions of Windows.

License for use:
Freeware. Free for private/personal use and free corporate (business, government, 
non-profit, etc.) use. You can distribute this program, freely without any charge 
provided that you do not change the program or the zip file in any way. Implementing 
the idea in different platform/language will strictly prohibited. 

Md. Musabbir Al Mamun
cell no.+8801726315133
ID: CE-10021, Dept.of CSE, MBSTU.


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